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Top Benefits of Hiring Professionals After a Flood

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Top Benefits of Hiring Professionals After a Flood

In most cases after water damage in a flooded home, homeowners always wonder on what to do next. The moment is always traumatizing and one is always looking for an immediate and efficient restoration to the flood damage. At some point, one might think of doing it on his own but believe me, the whole process will be worse. A flooded home can be as a result of storm while in most cases, a pipe break or a supply line break. In any case, it is not recommended that you conduct restoration on your own. For quality services, it is best that one would consider consulting a professional restoration company.

The flood damage services they offer includes numerous procedures such as water cleanup, drying, reconstruction, and repairs to a flooded home among others. In addition, they fix pipe break and supply line break if at all they might be the cause of the flood. For these reasons, hiring the water damage professionals can be the only option. This is because, for one to avoid any further damages to your property, the mitigation process should be deployed as first as possible. Professional water damage restoration will always be the best way to your property protection. These are few reasons as to why you should consider this a quality move as compared to self-restoration.

Faster and suitable Restoration

Hiring a team of qualified water damage professionals is equivalent to efficiency. It will be in just a matter of time for ones water cleanup and mitigation process to be complete. This as opposed to self-restoration, they have extensive experience as a restoration company. Repairing of small failures such as supply line break and pipe break is no big deal. In addition, they are able to clear the task in no time as they normally work in multiple. This usually does not matter on what size the flooded home is. Besides that, the restoration company has efficient tools that are suitable for the whole process of water cleanup and drying hence a quality restoration result.

Easy Prevention of Mold Growth

Mold can be another great source to damage property. If not well controlled it can lead to severe damage on surfaces thus leading to huge loses. Molds are often produced as a result of moisture, a reason as to why a flooded house is prone to its growth. After flood damage, there are high chances that your property will develop molds and mildew growth. This calls for an immediate inspection before it s too late or else one can suffer great loses because of flood damage. The restoration can only be executed by expert procedures such as, using industrial grade cleaners and disinfectants for fast elimination and drying. For prevention, the mitigation team will conduct a water cleanup and drying process to disable any possible mold growth.

Availability of Emergency Services

A professional water damage/flood damage restoration company is capable of an around the clock services. It is not easy to find a company that will offer you great services at all time. Emergencies are never planned and if you can find an institution that can stand with you at all times of emergencies, then you had better stick to its services. Professional Restoration Company is capable of such services in case of water in home or water in business at any given time. The restoration company will be at your doorstep within no minute. It does not matter what time or day it is, or if the case involves minor services such as the supply line break or pipe break. If your water damage restoration company is good they will address your problems. For these reasons, it is advisable that whenever you experience water in home or water in business; consider the services of professional flood damage mitigation company.
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Steps Followed in Fire Damage Restoration

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Steps Followed in Fire Damage Restoration

Once an electrical fire or utility room fire has been put out, the effects of the fire damage are felt by the owner of the building after the fire truck leaves. Damages often include destroyed structures, stagnant water from the fire sprinkler system or the fire hose, soot damage and smoke damage. When you want to rebuild structures after fire damage, it is best to consult a qualified, fire damage restoration company to assist in the fire suppression process.

For the repair process to be efficient after an electrical fire, you should pick a smoke damage restoration expert who is readily available and accessible at any time. In case a fire occurs, you should not attempt to salvage anything while the utility room fire is raging on as this may result in injuries. Call utility room fire fighters and your insurer to inform them about the fire. When the firefighter with the fire truck arrives at the site, they will decide how to achieve fire suppression and fire restoration. For instance, a fire hose is used for non-electrical fires while carbon dioxide is used for electric fires.

Assessment of the property

After the firefighter and their fire sprinkler system or fire truck leaves, the restoration expert will begin to appraise the extent of the fire damage. The evaluation entails seeking the next plan of action after a utility room fire. Therefore, it is very vital for you as the owner of the premises and to the firefighter. Factors that are considered include the smoke damage, soot damage, and any water damage which could have happened during the fire suppression efforts by the firefighter. Note that water damage occurs because some fires have to be put out using the fire sprinkler system or the fire hose, normally attached to the fire truck.

Removal and disposal

The specialists will then proceed to remove any clutter that is not essential or that cannot be repaired. This may include destroyed furniture, cabinets, tiles and other fixtures with soot damage or which is partially burnt. The experts will also remove any material that survived the fire sprinkler system or the force of the fire hose. Cleaning up the soot damage helps the experts know which items can be salvaged and those which cannot.

Board Ups and Roof tarp services

The next step in fire restoration will be to secure and protect the walls, windows, and roofs that were damaged in the commercial fire damage or during the fire suppression efforts. This is done by installing boards on the windows, doors, and walls and covering the roof with tarps until proper roofing is fixed. This will make certain that these fittings are protected against further commercial fire damage.

Water drying

Drying is necessary because commercial fire damage causes damage to burst pipes, tanks, and water mains. Specialized dehumidifiers and vacuums can be used to dry the surfaces affected by water. The experts will ensure that the water is no longer in the premise and can’t cause any destruction.

Removal of soot and smoke

Smoke damage is assessed and then removed by cleaning sprays. Clearing charring and soot may not be as easy to clean. Most of the time, the affected areas can be repainted or covered with other interior design materials like wall paper as part of the fire restoration process


Blemished areas will be cleaned out at this stage of fire restoration. The specialists will sanitize the property to make sure that nothing contaminating that is as a result of the commercial fire damage is still present. The professionals will proceed to remove any harmful smoke odors that may be lingering in the premise.


Getting the premise to its condition before the electrical fire is the point at this stage. Once everything is clean, dry and sanitized, the service company can begin to make repairs and construction on the premises. Once the building is fully refurbished, the qualified experts should put in equipment like electrical fire alarms and fire extinguisher cases to prevent against a repeat incident occurring.
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Put Your Home in the Hands of Professionals for Storm Remediation Services

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Put Your Home in the Hands of Professionals for Storm Remediation Services

You never expected that you would need storm remediation. Storm damage happened to someone else, not you. Ice damage, hail damage, and wind damage always passed you by. You managed to escape winter storms and hurricane damage in the past. This time you weren't lucky. The storm damage struck and now you are left with the wreckage. River flooding and flooding can cause ground water or flood water to invade, filling your home with water at alarming levels. Frozen pipes can cause major issues as well. Ice damage from ice damming is another concern if you have been hit by a winter storm. Your bound to need water restoration and roof repair services for roof damage caused by hurricane damage, wind damage, hail damage, or ice damming. Whether you have a roof leak caused by an ice dam or hurricane damage, you are going to need storm remediation. Don't try to handle any type of storm renovation services on your own. When you require home restoration and storm restoration services, you have professionals who are ready to handle any challenges coming your way.

Put Yourself in Hands You Can Trust

It is too overwhelming to handle storm restoration services on your own and you should not even attempt it. If you have been affected by any type of flooding or river flooding, you will have ground water or flood water. You will require a flood pump as part of water restoration services. Frozen pipes can cause similar problems that are brought on by flooding or river flooding. If your frozen pipes break, you will experience flooding in your home. Flooding is one of the most serious types of damage, whether it is brought on by river flooding or frozen pipes. To eliminate ground water or flood water, your storm restoration team will take advantage of a flood pump. A powerful flood pump can do wonders when you have a build up of water in your home. If you need water restoration as part of your home restoration plan, expect a flood pump to do its job for storm remediation. Once the flood pump has removed the water, your team of professionals can pinpoint other problems caused by storm damage. Wind damage, hail damage, and ice damage are typical causes of roof damage. Ice damming is another issue. If you have an ice dam problem, you are bound to have a roof leak. Roof damage is a serious effect of storm damage, whether it is caused by wind damage, hurricane damage, ice damage, or hail damage. Roof damage after ice damming or any type of problem other than an ice damage will require the roof to be covered before roof repair services can begin. Once flood water or ground water has been eliminated and any type of roof leak has been isolated, the repair phase can begin.

Performing Storm Restoration Repair Services

A roof repair job after a roof leak is only part of the services for your home restoration. Whether an ice dam or other damage has affected your roof, all signs of damage can be eliminated. The ice dam can be cleared away and roof repair is possible. Water restoration is a major component of home restoration services. That means everything will be dried out. Any debris will be removed and disposed of. Anything that can be saved will be cleaned. The premises will be sanitized once they are dry. Repairs will occur to flooring and walls. Drywall and paint are typical solutions. New flooring is common as well for storm remediation. You can have your home back once again after all of the storm damage has been cleared away. When you have professional storm restoration services, it is possible to feel like home again. No one wants to face storm damage, but your storm restoration professionals will handle the job for you so you can go on living your life.
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Events that Follow Immediately After Water Damage

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Events that Follow Immediately After Water Damage

Whether water damage in your house has been caused by ground water, pipe break or any other malfunction, there are mitigation and corrective measures you need to do to restore normalcy. This post will guide you through the events that follow immediately a flood damage occurs.

Avoiding Additional Risks

In case the flood damage forced you to stay out of your house, make sure you stay safe after you return. Restoration experts warn that you should look for any visible structural damage such as cracked walls and holes before you take the next step. They also recommend you call a restoration company if you see any pipe leaks or signs that suggest supply line break.

In order to prevent further damage caused by water in your home or business, you must turn off all the electrical sources in the house. Do not handle electrical appliances if you are not properly insulated. Consult an electrician if you have to turn off the main electricity source while standing in water in the business or house.

Hiring Qualified Restoration Experts

Whether you have a major problem like a pipe break or supply line break or a small problem like flooded kitchen, you need to hire a reputable restoration company. A reputable company will come up with mitigation measures to reduce further damage and do water cleanup by drying the place and fixing damaged items.

Evaluating the Damage

Unless you are an experienced in water damage restoration, do not attempt to do any drying or water cleanup. Leave all the work to the water damage restoration experts. The first task of the experts will be to assess the damage caused by water in your business premises or home.

If you already have a flooded home, they will first come up with mitigation measures to prevent further damage before carrying out any assessments and water cleanup. They will examine the plumbing system to determine if there is any pipe break or supply line break. They will also look at every part of the flooded home to check what items have been destroyed and determine if rebuilding the house is an option.

Getting Rid of Water in the Flooded Home

Once the restoration company has assessed the extent of damage caused by water in your home or business premises, they will begin water cleanup and drying. Remember, the longer it takes to remove water in your business premises or home, the more damage it will cause. Their main objective will be to come up with active mitigation measures to prevent damages to the flooded home. They will pump out the water in the business premises or home until it recede below your house. If they are dealing with a small amount of water in the home, they may use wet-dry vacuums to remove the water and prevent further flood damage.

Drying and Cleaning Up the Debris

A flooded house will most likely have a lot of debris brought in by the flood water. These could be mud behind by the flood water in your home or business premises, foreign objects as well as snakes and rats. The restoration company will use various equipment to shovel the mud and spray down the affected areas with clean and fresh water. They will also take outside all the equipment and appliance affected by the flood and leave them there to dry for a given period.

Detecting and Removing Mold and Mildew

Molds usually thrive well in damp areas, especially near places affected by pipe breaks or supply line breaks. The restoration company has equipment that can easily detect mold at their early stages of growth and remove them. They will also ensure there is no future growth of mold by drying the area and spraying it with anti-mold chemicals.

It is important you hire flood damage restoration company to help bring things back to normalcy. Make sure the company you hire is certified and has a good track record in water damage restoration.
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Professional Fire Damage Restoration Tips

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Professional Fire Damage Restoration Tips

Professional fire restoration can be a great issue to tackle. People are always asking about the measures that they need to take before fire cleanup after the occurrence of fire in homes and fire in business premises. There are several tips that one can use to identify signs of fire damage themselves such as smoke smell in case of fire in homes or fire in business. This tips can work effectively if adhered to in the right manner. Hereby are some of the tips that can guide you during a fire damage restoration in case of fire in home or fire in business.

? Getting rid of mildew and mold.
This is one of the great issues in the fire damage restoration which is as a result of the water used during the fire extinguishing process. This issue requires special attention and therefore it is more advisable to hire the fire damage restoration company. The mildew and mold can contaminate the furniture and any other item that is in the room. The only solution to get rid of this problem is to immediately air out every room and do fire cleanup on the filters and vents.

? Repairing smoke damage to walls.
In an event of fire damage, the smoke damage will always occur to your walls, wall paint or even wall papers. In the case of a situation where the smoke damage is not too huge, you should use detergents and bleach to scrub it clean. Soot damage is somehow greasy and therefore you should fast try to dust it off from the surface before you start the fire cleanup. Most likely you might want to repaint but you should ensure that all the surfaces are clean and dry.

? Repairing floors and carpets.
Due to the water that is involved in putting out the fire, the flooring and the carpets will absorb a lot of water. It is more recommendable if you remove the carpets that have absorbed water and replace them. At this point, water might also get into to the cracks of hard woods and vinyl flooring, adding to the fire damage. This issue needs to be addressed by a professional fire damage restoration company to help you with the fire clean up.

? Sharp objects and nails.
The debris might have some sharp object and nails that can be a great risk to your family. After fire damage, the fire damage restoration process is a very risky practice. Therefore it is more advisable to seek help from the commercial fire damage company. When the fire damage restoration company is hired it will undertake some assessment to ensure that their team is not threatened by the smoke smell. Such assessments are very important in preventing accidents that might occur during the soot damage repair and the fire cleanup process.

? Commercial fire damage.
When it comes to commercial fire damage you need to get the estimate of the extent of the commercial damage and ensure you engage a restoration company to do the work. In case the restoration process is not carried out in a good manner when a commercial fire damage occurs the smoke smell might remain for some weeks. Apart from causing stains in the walls, the smoke smell might be very harmful. The smoke damage from a commercial fire damage situation should be dealt with by professionals from a restoration company.

? Soot damage.
The soot damage can be removed using Trisodium phosphate. The TSP is one of the most popular cleaners that gets rid of smoke from the surface when it comes to fire in home or fire in business. The detergent TSP is very corrosive and therefore the soot damage restoration should be done by professional fire Restoration Company.

? Board up.
During board up restoration (roof and ceiling) in the case of fire in homes or fire in business, one should avoid accidents. Using of ladders during board up is risky since the walls might crumble. Hanging materials can also cause accidents and therefore board up should be assigned to a restoration company.
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Mold Remediation: What You Should Know

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Mold Remediation: What You Should Know

When mold, fungus, or mildew takes hold in your home or business and spreads it can bring with it dire consequences. Left unchecked, mold growth can cause severe structural damage. Commercial mold damage can have devastating financial effects. Mold in the home may disrupt family life and cause substantial inconvenience. If mold growth is suspected, experts in remediation should be contacted as soon as possible for consultation. The processes involved in mold removal are varying and may differ based upon the setting and the extent of the damage caused. This mold damage can range from the presence of the smelly odor associated with fungus all the way to dry rot or other structural deterioration. Only a professional restoration company should judge the extent of the mold damage and suggest mitigation methods.

Fungus, mildew, and mold damage are often the results of flooding or the presence of standing water. Mitigation of mold in the home may involve different techniques than remediation of commercial mold damage, however, removal of the moisture that is the cause of mold growth is always the first step. A restoration company will suggest and/or implement removal of water as soon as possible after a loss to lessen mold growth. It will also be suggested that heaters or air conditioners be turned off to lessen the spread of mold in the home or business. Leaky plumbing and poor ventilation of humidity can also lead to black mold, a common mold in the home and source of commercial mold damage. Once the moisture that causes fungus and mildew is removed, the remediation and mitigation process can begin.

A thorough inspection of the property will be completed by the restoration company to detect any instances of black mold, fungus or mildew growth. Not all instances of mold growth and/or mold damage will be as obvious as visible, mildew or black mold. The presence of a smelly odor may indicate mold growth behind walls. Instances of fungus growth undetected for too long, such as mold growth behind walls, may result in dry rot which will need to be removed and the affected wood replaced or repaired. Deodorization methods will be discussed and implemented based upon the extent of the damage found.

Mold removal and remediation is a process that can take several days. The removal of standing water and excess moisture itself can take many hours, depending upon severity. Experts in mold removal, dressed in proper safety gear, will begin a cleanup process involving the use of chemicals to remediate mold. Less severe cases, like surface black mold, may only require light to moderate cleaning to address the smelly odor and unsightliness. However, more extensive commercial mold damage or damage caused by mold in the home may require the use of fogging machines that mist the air with chemicals for mitigation and deodorization purposes. Opening affected areas up to circulate fresh air or the operation of dehumidifiers may be used as a drying and deodorization method based upon the location and severity of the growth. If mold growth behind walls or dry rot is discovered, demolition will be undertaken to remove any affected materials. In severe cases where mold growth behind walls has lead to dry rot in load bearing studs or beams, the restoration company may work along side construction contractors to ensure that the structural integrity of the building is maintained during these procedures.

To avoid costly, extensive mold removal processes, home and business owners
alike should be aware of the tell tale signs of mold damage including visible molds, and fungi, as well as the smelly odor associated with them. Vigilance against standing water and/or excessive moisture or humidity should be taken. When caught early, mold mitigation may require little more than cleaning and deodorization. Left go for too long, mold can do extensive damage. If you suspect mold, contact a mold removal professional immediately.
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Restoring Your Home After a Flood

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Restoring Your Home After a Flood

Water damage is one of the most serious forms of harm that can befall a home. Getting the water removed and beginning the restoration process as soon as possible is absolutely paramount. A professional restoration company can ensure that your property has the greatest possible chance of undergoing a complete restoration to its original state.

It is important to understand that a water damage event, such as a pipe break or a supply line break, is an extremely serious situation that must be resolved as soon as possible. You should never attempt to handle water damage yourself, as there is almost no way that the average homeowner has any of the necessary tools or skills to adequately handle a water damage event.

A professional restoration company, on the other hand, is able to use specialized, powerful equipment and high levels of expertise and experience to immediately begin the mitigation of further damage. Let's take a look at the general process through which professional restoration companies are able to turn potentially catastrophic situations into nothing more than a minor hassle.

As soon as you experience a supply line break, pipe leak or other form of water damage, it is absolutely imperative to immediately call a professional restoration company. They will send out a team of water cleanup experts to assess your situation and begin working towards the complete restoration of the premises. Remember, the first thing you must do is call. Waiting, even for a couple of hours, can have catastrophic long term consequences, as water in a home or water in a business begins seeping into structural components, carpeting and drywall the second there is a flood.

The next step in the flood damage mitigation process is for the team of water cleanup specialists to survey the property, assessing the extent of flood damage and formulating a game plan to remove the water in the home. This is an area where only highly trained professionals, using state-of-the-art equipment, can effectively carry out the water cleanup process.

Using such high-tech tools as hygrometers and infrared detectors, the water cleanup specialists will begin the mitigation process, seeking out any hidden water that has seeped into drywall or structural components. This is a crucial step, as flood damage that is left to seep into joists and beams can permanently compromise the property's structure.

The third step in the damage mitigation process is the extraction of water in the home water in the business. Again, this can only be done by a team of highly trained professionals. Using industrial-strength, submersible pumps as well as specialized drying equipment, not unlike that seen in car washes, the team will begin extracting the water in the home or water in the business. This typically begins within 15 to 30 minutes of the specialists arriving on site.

Next, the drying process can begin. The standing water in the business or home will have been removed by this stage. But many areas and items will still be soaked. Drying is carried out by the restoration company within the flooded home, using high-tech, sophisticated and extremely powerful drying units that can be cranked up to nearly the flash point of the materials within the flooded home. Using these systems, an entire flooded home can be completely dried within a matter of hours.

The final step in restoring the flood damage is a thorough cleaning and sanitization of the home. This ensures that no mold will be able to form and that any dank smells will be completely removed.

If you experience a supply line break or a pipe break, remember that literally every minute counts. A supply line break or pipe break can be completely resolved. But it must be acted upon quickly. Don't let a pipe break ruin the value of your property.
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Is Professional Fire Damage Restoration Necessary?

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Is Professional Fire Damage Restoration Necessary?

After a fire in a home or a fire in a business, it can be difficult to figure out how to move forward. Luckily, professional restoration companies exist that make the transition easier. Some property owners believe they can handle the multistep process of restoring a home or business that has undergone significant fire damage, but it is rarely so simple. Using a restoration company simplifies the process in several important ways and gives individuals who are already experiencing a serious trauma some peace of mind.

A restoration company is able to work with the fire department and other local authorities in the aftermath of the fire. A fire in a home or a fire in a business is about more than physical property damage. The fire's cause is usually investigated seriously to prevent further fire damage or the spread of commercial fire damage by the local authorities. A professional restoration company is able to manage these investigations through experience and expertise.

A property that has undergone commercial fire damage needs to be boarded up professionally to secure its premises. Locks, doors, and windows can all be damaged in a fire and require securing in order to continue fire damage restoration. A professional should board up any property that may be compromised. Boarding up any compromised doors and windows allows the property owner to rest assured that intruders will not be able to access their already damaged property and cause any additional damage afterwards.

Smoke damage and soot damage can be professionally restored with a variety of techniques that require specialized equipment and expertise. Property owners usually seek to replace damaged personal items, but soot damage and smoke damage are usually reversible with some deep cleaning using rotary scrubbers or steam. A restoration company would work together with a property owner to decide what is and is not salvageable after extensive fire damage. A smoke smell is usually easy to remove.

A fire in a home can leave many personal items damaged but able to be restored. A professional should be consulted before disposing of anything that may hold sentimental value. Commercial fire damage can render industrial equipment unusable. A fire cleanup professional should be consulted before disposing of any such equipment as state and local regulations may be invoked when it comes to a fire in a business. In any case, a business should be boarded up for security.

The smoke smell that persists long after a fire can also be treated professionally by an air purifier. Smoke smells permeate all fabric and carpeting and will require special treatment in order to remove. Smoke smell can also be dangerous to health and should be managed by a professional. Smoke damage and soot damage is not limited only to property but can also be dangerous to people.

Commercial fire damage can be reversed even if it is significant. A professional must evaluate and assess the fire damage and give the property owner an estimate. They can then decide whether or not fire damage restoration is the correct choice. Fire cleanup and sometimes be more efficient if damaged items are replaced rather than restored. Smoke damage and soot damage can be especially stubborn.

Fire cleanup professionals are able to remove large debris that may require cranes or other heavy machinery. Fire cleanup often involves debris that is damaged beyond restoration that needs to be disposed of, which may require a special permit depending on the location of the fire damage. It is imperative that a licensed professional with the experience and training manage the disposal of large debris.

Fire damage restoration is a difficult process and requires a team of professionals inaccessible to most individuals. A fire in a home or a fire in a business is difficult enough to manage legally and emotionally. The physical burden of restoration should be left to a professional. Visit for more information on fire damage.

How Professionals Handle Mold Remediation

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How Professionals Handle Mold Remediation

Mold damage cleanup or remediation requires great expertise. Whatever your mold mitigation needs may be, a reliable restoration company can take care of it all. Professionals have the proper equipment and supplies to address the mold problems effectively.

A qualified restoration company has a good understanding of the science behind mold growth or black mold. Mitigation technicians have the training and expertise to perform mold removal, fungus and mildew cleanup and deodorization to eliminate smelly odor. They can remediate mold in home, commercial mold damage, mold growth behind wall and even dry rot.

Mold cleanup focuses on getting mold or black mold levels back to natural levels. Whether you are dealing with a black mold or dry rot problem, a mold damage restoration company can clean up the affected area and apply the necessary deodorization to eliminate smelly odor and freshen up the environment.

Every mold damage situation is different and requires a unique mitigation or remediation solution, but the general mold growth or mildew removal process stays the same. Professional mold remediation process is as follows:

1. Emergency Contact

The mold remediation process begins when the business or home owner calls a restoration company. Their representative or technician will ask a series of questions to help them determine the necessary personnel, equipment, resources.

2. Inspection and Assessment

Residential or commercial mold damage professionals will conduct a careful inspection of the property for signs of fungus, dry rot or mold in home or business. Mold thrives on moist surfaces and is often hidden from plain view. Professionals use various technologies and techniques to detect mold in home or business, including black mold and mold growth behind wall. They can also detect mildew, fungus, dry rot and hidden water sources or moisture.

3. Mold Containment

Residential or commercial mold damage technicians use various containment procedures to impede mold growth and remove fungus, mildew, dry rot and smelly odor. They often use highly effective containment procedures to prevent the mold spores from spreading and negative air chambers to create physical barriers. To prevent the spread of mold, all fans and cooling and heating units will be turned off during the cleanup process.

4. Air Filtration

Professionals use specialized filtration equipment to capture mold spores in the environment. Powerful air scrubbing systems and high-tech vacuums are used to prevent the spread of microscopic mold spores during the mold removal process.

5. Removing Mold and Mold-Infested Items

The mold remediation or mitigation process depends on issues such as the amount of black mold mold growth or mold growth behind wall and the types of materials or surfaces on which mold growth, fungus or mildew is present. Professionals use antimicrobial and anti-fungal agents to eliminate fungus, mildew and mold in home or business and to help prevent black mold, fry rot and mold growth behind wall from forming. Residential or commercial mold damage professionals also remove and dispose of drywall and carpeting and other mold-infested porous materials in the event of heavy mold growth or strong smelly odor.

6. Cleaning Contents

Residential or commercial mold damage technicians clean restorable items such as curtains, clothing, decorative items, and furniture. A variety of cleaning techniques are to clean and sanitize these items. professionals are also trained in the use of fogging equipment to eliminate smelly odors and provide deodorization service.

7. Restoration

This is the final step in the mitigation process and it may involve removal of subfloors, drywall, and other building materials. Restoration may also entail installing new carpet, painting and reconstruction of rooms or various areas in a residential or commercial property.

Summing Up

Mold can cause numerous structural issues in a home or business. If you’re dealing with a tough mold removal or cleanup project, call a mold damage or mold removal company as soon as possible. Mod damage professionals are available and will respond quickly to provide the necessary cleaning and deodorization service. Visit for more information on mold.

The Annual NARPM Camping Trip

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Community The Annual NARPM Camping Trip Camping Trip 2016

If you love camp fires, good food and great times then join us for our Annual NARPM Camping Trip with the Phoenix Metro Chapter of NARPM and the West Valley Chapter of NARPM March 3-5!

This event has always been a great time! Let’s get together out of a meeting or our offices for some fresh air & sunshine! NARPM will provide one meal (TBD) and s’mores fixings for both Friday & Saturday campfire! The group site has a private gated entrance, 12 picnic tables and 3 central grills. There is covered food prep areas and tables under 2 ramadas including trash service and vault toilets with no running water.

How Much: Basically FREE! Each vehicle must have a "Tonto Pass" for each 24 hour period. The passes are $8 each and can be purchased online at OR at pretty much every store/gas station on the way out. If you need assistance with this, please contact Erin immediately.

When: Friday March 3rd – Sunday March 5th
Folks will generally begin to show up late morning thru earl evening and depart midday Sunday. You’re welcome to come and go as fits your schedule.

Where: Cave Creek Group Campground
The site is located 19 miles north of Carefree. From Carefree, take Cave Creek Rd/Forest Rd 24 to Seven Springs Day Use Area. Continue for less than ½ mile to the turn off to the group site. *The last 9 miles of FR 24 is an all-weather gravel road suitable for any 2 wheel drive cars*

Why: Because who doesn’t LOVE Arizona in March
Arizona is beautiful this time of year and isn’t it great to get outdoors! We can set up camping games, hike, go for a scenic drive and more

Who: Members, Affiliates, Families & Friends!
This event is open to friends and family of NARPM. The more, the merrier!

RSVP: Please RSVP with your head count no later than March 1st for adequate food planning
Please contact Erin with any questions at 480-917-7071 or

If any members would like to sponsor a meal, snack, water, camp game or anything else, please let me know!

Contact Erin at 480-917-7071 or Kelly 480-309-7403

** Member Suggestion **
The Buddy Stubbs Museum would be a fun place to visit whikle there. They have over 100 vintage motorcycles.
Free Admission and it's open M-S 11-5 and Sunday 11-4
Website link