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Timeline for Water Damage Restoration

8/16/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Timeline for Water Damage Restoration Take immediate action if bursting pipes threaten your home in Peoria, AZ.

After bursting pipes flood your home in Peoria, AZ, you respond immediately by calling water restoration experts. Now that you have that step out of the way, how long does the rest of the process take?


It is critical to fix the broken pipe as soon as you notice it, as water damage continues to occur until the source is repaired or replaced. The process of cleaning, drying and restoring then begins:

• Water restoration companies have emergency service hours of operation, typically staffed 24 hours a day. As soon as possible, contact the company to arrange for someone to come out to your home. In addition, check with your insurance company to inquire about coverage.
• Within four hours, the professionals arrive to evaluate the extent of the water damage. They also assess the situation for safety, including whether electricity poses a risk. The type of water is identified, as the procedure for clean versus contaminated water varies in complexity and impacts the treatment and timeline.
• Excess water removal begins quickly to minimize any further damage, using professional grade pumps and vacuums.

The Next Few Days

During the next three to five days, expect the following actions to take place:

• Once the excess water from the bursting pipes is gone, your home is inspected for hidden moisture with specialized equipment. Carpets and drywall may be removed.
• Industrial strength dryers and dehumidifiers thoroughly dry the area.
• Depending on the level of contamination, antibacterial and odor removal steps may be taken to properly sanitize your home.
• In some instances, the process may take a little longer. For example, drying wood floors may take up to ten days. Excessive contamination caused by sewage may take longer for disinfection and safety reasons. The restoration process of returning your home to preloss condition depends of the extent of the damage.

Take immediate action if bursting pipes threaten your home in Peoria, AZ. With fast and proper action, you can achieve a dry home typically within five days or less with the help of a water restoration specialist. For more information, visit 

3 Simple Cleaning Practices To Prevent Mold Spore Buildup

7/23/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial 3 Simple Cleaning Practices To Prevent Mold Spore Buildup Professionals have the knowledge and equipment to clean up mold while minimizing the spread of mold spores.

The trouble with mold is that it exists nearly everywhere in the world, and spores are ever present in the air. This is fine when talking about outdoor air, but indoor air takes some special management to keep mold spores from becoming too abundant and forming colonies. Some simple cleaning is all it takes to manage these populations and reduce the chance of mold problems. Here are three simple cleaning practices to reduce spores in your building.

1. Routine Cleaning to Reduce Spores and Dirt

Spores can accumulate in several places in your building. Because spores are microscopic, they tend to accumulate with dust and dirt particles. Molds feed on organic materials like cellulose, dust particles and human food. That's right, spores accumulate in the same places where their food sources exist. That's a big risk for development of mold, but routine cleaning practices such as dusting and wiping surfaces, vacuuming, and carpet cleaning are all effective at reducing spore buildup, dust, and dirt.

2. Proper Carpet Cleaning

Proper carpet and upholstery cleaning is dependent on many factors, including traffic and type of material. Carpets are fibrous and full with crevices that they act as a pitfall for spores, dust, and dirt. Particles become trapped deep in the carpet as well as in the nooks and crannies of the fibers. Frequent vacuuming is essential to removing particles, but yearly professional carpet cleaning is essential to remove spores and soil that has settled deep in your carpets.

3. HVAC Maintenance and Cleaning

HVAC systems are a common place for mold to develop since spores and dirt easily travel through the air in this moisture-filled system. A yearly HVAC service will help this system perform at its best and reduce spore buildup.

Regularly cleaning in these three areas will help manage indoor spore populations, but you can also count on mold remediation specialists to help with spore control in addition to full mold problems. Professionals have the knowledge and equipment to clean up mold while minimizing the spread of mold spores. For more information, visit

Ridding a Home of Cigarette Smoke

7/23/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Ridding a Home of Cigarette Smoke There are many reasons why smoke remediation can become necessary.

It is a fact that cigarette smoking throughout the country has steadily declined in the past decade or so, but plenty of people still light up on a regular basis in Peoria, AZ, and elsewhere. The odor of cigarettes is displeasing to many people, and once it has permeated a living space, thorough home deodorization can be difficult without the assistance of professionals.

Why and Where Smoke Permeates a Space

A prime reason that smoke takes hold of a living space is the long list of chemicals that are used to manufacture cigarettes. Once the cigarette is lit, the chemicals rise through the air and circulate from the heat it generates. Many of the chemicals are solvents, and they are responsible for the tar deposits that create the odors. Cigarette smoke can cling to the following surfaces and require home deodorization:

• wood, laminate and other hard surfaces
• rugs and carpets
• curtains and other window treatments
• upholstered furniture
• painted walls and ceilings

How the Remediation of Smoke is Accomplished

Ridding a home of unwanted odors from cigarettes depends on the materials involved. Wood, hard surfaces, walls and ceilings can be professionally cleaned with eco-friendly materials. After a thorough cleaning, sealing primer over paint can lock in smells and prevent them from returning. Carpets, rugs, and upholstery will require deep steam cleaning. Curtains and pillows that cannot be washed will have to be dry cleaned or replaced.

There are many reasons why smoke remediation can become necessary. Perhaps you or a housemate have kicked the habit and wish to freshen up the house. Perhaps you have purchased or inherited the home of a smoker. Perhaps a house guest or tenant has left lingering odors from a smoking habit. Whatever the cause, it is reassuring to know that home deodorization specialists stand ready to set things right again. For more information, visit

Protect Your Windows With Storm Shutters

7/23/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Protect Your Windows With Storm Shutters When your protection is put into place, you will feel better prepared for future storms and high winds.

In Peoria, AZ, high winds can be a threat to your home. One of the most dangerous risks when storms hit and strong gusts begin are objects being thrown around and crashing through your windows. If this happens, you may need to call a restoration service. However, one line of defense is to invest in storm shutters. These cover your windows with strong materials, stopping objects from breaking the glass. The most common types are listed below from most to least costly.

1. Colonial

Keeping in mind visual appeal, Colonial style is a permanent addition to the windows while also looking decorative. They are priced per window from $200 to $500.

2. Rolling Shutters

This style is called “rolling” due to the fact they unroll across the windows from a box that has been permanently fixed above the window. These tend to be the most sturdy and protective from high winds and are priced per square foot from $20 to $30.

3. Bahama

With the most tropical-sounding name, the Bahama style is best for houses in hot areas with lots of sunlight, as they can work as awnings but then be lowered over the windows to protect them in a storm. These can be priced per square foot at $15 to $20 or per window at $200 to $1,000 each.

4. Accordion

Crimped in the way an accordion is, these shutters are unfolded across the window manually and then locked into place. These are generally sold for $15 to $25 per square foot.

5. Storm Panel

These panels are not permanent and are, instead, stored away until needed. When they are, they are bolted around the window to cover the glass. They are sold from $7 to $15 each.

6. Plywood

At the low price of under $1 per square foot, plywood works well if needed quickly. They may not look good and can be hard to install, but they are more affordable.

Once you’ve made a decision on which storm shutters you would like, you can call an installation service to get exact pricing. Then, when your protection is put into place, you will feel better prepared for future storms and high winds. For more information, visit

Light Fixtures and Leaking Water Do Not Mix

6/22/2018 (Permalink)

Electricity is one of the amazing marvels of modern life and it can allow you to bring entertainment, heat, and light into your home in Peoria, AZ. Most individuals don’t think much about the way electricity works or how it enters his or her home. Instead, they may simply flip on a switch attached to the electrical equipment and continue on their way. When the switch sends active current to dripping water in light fixtures, things could begin to go very wrong.

Potential Shocks

Water contains minerals that can carry the electricity far beyond the limits of the light fixture. By mixing the current and minerals, once the water begins to flow, the electrical current can cause the following problems:

• a shock from the light switch
• a shock injury from pooled water
• electrical shorts in wet wires
• popping breakers
• fires from electrical shorts

Since water acts as a possible conductor of electricity, it is best to stay away from all sources of possible electrical current near the dripping water

Averting Disaster

If water is dripping from the ceiling near a light fixture or fan, the first thing to do is turn the electricity off at the breaker box or service panel. The same can be true if a wet area appears on the ceiling near a light. By turning the active current off, you can alleviate possible fires and electrical shorts.

When water in light fixtures is actively dripping, turn the water off to the area. Removing the water can prevent damage from spreading and the ceiling from collapsing.

Once the electricity and water are off, call a water damage specialty team to clean, restore, and rebuild the area. The crew can locate the source of the water and repair the ceiling damage after evaluating the situation.

Saving Money

By acting quickly at the first sign of dripping water in light fixtures, you can often prevent a little water damage from becoming a flood disaster. By averting a possible calamity, you can also save yourself a great deal of money. For more information, visit

Broken Pipes and How to Respond

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Broken Pipes and How to Respond Of course, the best course of action is to prevent frozen and eventually broken pipes in the first place.

Broken pipes are a major concern in areas where temperatures drop and raise in Peoria, AZ. As water freezes in the pipes, it expands and puts a lot of pressure on those pipes, whether they are made of metal or plastic. Even very strong, metal pipes can succumb to the pressure of expanding frozen water. The resulting water damage can take place rapidly and when you least expect it.

Broken Pipes at Work

Take a look around your business. Are there exposed pipes, such as those attached to hose bibs or on water sprinkler lines? Look for pipes in the basement or in uninsulated cabinets. Pipes running along exterior walls could also lead to water damage if they are allowed to freeze.

What can you do if there are broken pipes and you're facing significant water cleanup?

• Stop the flow of water.
• Disconnect any power supply and remove electronics and business equipment.
• Contact your insurance company and a restoration professional.
• Pump out water and set up fans and dehumidifiers.
• Treat the entire area with a disinfectant to kill germs and prevent mold growth.
• Dispose of water-logged items.

Avoid Frozen Pipes

You can avoid some trouble by recognizing and thawing frozen pipes before they become broken pipes. If you turn a faucet on and you've only got a trickle, the water is probably frozen. Leave the faucet open and slowly apply heat to sections of the pipe. Continue running water through the faucet and warming the pipes until you have full water pressure.

Water Damage Prevention in Peoria, AZ.

Of course, the best course of action is to prevent frozen and eventually broken pipes in the first place. Do this by draining water from all sprinklers before temperatures drop, remove hoses from spigots, close inside valves, drain hose bibs, and add insulation to basements and external walls. Look around your business for other areas where insulation and pipe sleeves could prevent damage.  For more information, visit

Ways to Maintain the Roof of your Commercial Property

6/14/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Ways to Maintain the Roof of your Commercial Property The best solution to a roof leak is preventing it from happening in the first place.

The roof of your commercial property in Peoria, AZ, is one of the most important parts of its external structure. It protects the interior from various elements of the weather and helps to provide a buffer against extreme outside temperatures. When it gets damaged, however, you could experience a roof leak or any number of negative outcomes. Regular roof maintenance is necessary for keeping it in top shape.

Signs of Damage

One aspect of maintenance is simply a regular roof inspection. Storms can cause hail and wind damage, which can lead to other types of damage. There are several items to check for when inspecting your roof:

• Water stains on the ceiling, indicating a leak
Musty smell or visual evidence of mold growth
• Ponding water on the roof that could cause deterioration or roof leak
• Bubbles on the roof cover where moisture or gasses have gotten trapped
• Gaps in the flashing from high winds

Owner Maintenance

The best thing you can do to keep your roof in good shape is to make sure that the gutters and storm drains stay clean. Clear out the debris on a regular basis so that water can drain properly. This keeps it from pooling on the roof and causing the structure to weaken and deteriorate.

Professional Maintenance

It is a good idea to have professionals inspect your property on a regular basis. They may catch problems that you don’t see. If you do see signs of leakage, call water remediation specialists immediately. They can survey the damage and resolve the issue before it gets out of hand. All weak spots or warped areas should be replaced by a roofing professional so that you can prevent more leaks from happening.

The best solution to a roof leak is preventing it from happening in the first place. If you perform regular maintenance on your commercial property, your roof may enjoy a long life. For more information, visit

3 Reasons To Have a Fire Mitigation Company Complete a Rebuild

5/18/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial 3 Reasons To Have a Fire Mitigation Company Complete a Rebuild These are just a few advantages to working with the same service from inspection and assessment to cleanup and completed restoration.

When you are dealing with the aftermath of a fire in a commercial property, you may wonder whether you should hire separate contractors for inspection, fire mitigation, and restoration or rely on one company. Here are three reasons you should ask your insurance adjuster about a company that provides complete inspection, fire damage assessment, cleaning, and restoration services.

1. Start down the road to restoration with one service call. The days, weeks, and months following a fire are often hectic and stressful. If you rely on a single service, you will only have one schedule to keep track of, and you may avoid long lapses between the completion of inspection and assessment and the start of cleanup and restoration.

2. Prevent lines from getting crossed or dropped. Relying on the same service can prevent the confusion that often results from hiring separate specialists for each stage of the fire damage remediation process. You can count on a one-stop commercial restoration shop to follow the best plan for restoring your property.

3. Follow a restoration strategy designed for your situation from start to finish. A certified restoration service can identify and take steps to restore the extent of the damage. If you are not sure whether a service is making the best decisions, you may call in an outside expert. Even if something is not right, you will have an easier time identifying accountability because you have only worked with one company.

These are just a few advantages to working with the same service from inspection and assessment to cleanup and completed restoration. Property losses and lost profits from a closed business can be costly. Choose a company that provides a complete array of commercial fire mitigation services in Peoria, AZ, to start and finish the fire damage remediation process so that you can reopen your business as soon as possible. For more information, visit

The Best Purifiers for Removing Mold Spores

5/17/2018 (Permalink)

If you’re looking for an air filtration system to filter mold spores from your Peoria, AZ, home, you can’t go wrong with this list of top five picks that will help you keep your home mold-free. Read on for a brief look at what makes each purifier rise above the crowd for air quality and ease of use.

1. The Oransi Max

For a combination of cost effectiveness and function, the Oransi Max ranks highest out of all tested air purifiers. At $479 it’s an affordable long-term investment, and comes with excellent ratings for efficiency and airflow. It’s also quite easy to use.

2. The BlueAir 450E

Coming in second, the BlueAir 450E isn’t quite as affordable – or as effective for the price. With lower ratings in airflow and efficiency, the only place it outstrips the Oransi Max is in ease of use. At $629, the BlueAir may still perform well, but isn’t as cost-efficient.

3. The OV200 Air Purifier

The OV200 comes in at a high score for budget air filtration, at only $329. Its greatest perk is high-performing air filtration, though it comes up short against the Oransi Max and the BlueAir 450E for airflow. It’s still affordable and simple enough to use to make it worth the investment.

4. The Amway Quixtar Atmosphere

The Amway Quixtar Atmosphere air purifier ranks outstandingly in filter efficiency, but at $1499 may be a hard hit for anyone looking for air filtration on a budget. It scores fairly well for ease of use and airflow.

5. The Austin Air Healthmate

At $649, the Austin Air Healthmate is another one that takes a hard hit on the budget, but it’s got decent performance in air filtration and flow, as well as filter efficiency when removing mold spores. As an air purifier it’s not top of the list, but it’s a solid, reliable brand. For more information, visit 

How To Prepare a Home Fire Escape Plan

5/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How To Prepare a Home Fire Escape Plan Having a fire escape plan is a home safety must.

You never know when catastrophe might strike in Peoria, AZ. The chances of experiencing a home fire may be fairly low, but if it happens, being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. Making a fire escape plan for your family in case of a home fire ensures that if the worst case scenario comes true, you’re prepared. Follow these basic steps to prepare your plan.

1. You should know two ways to exit every room in your home. That way, if one exit route is blocked by fire, you have an alternative route. Make sure windows are easy to open and provide enough room for someone to get through them. Everyone in your house, including children, should know how to open windows and be able to do it themselves.

2. Draw an actual map of your escape routes. Map out the floorplan of your house on graph paper and draw in how to escape from each room. The Red Cross offers a handy print out to help you. Hang your fire escape plan somewhere obvious and make sure every member of the family is familiar with it.

3. Choose an outside meeting point. It can be easy to lose track of family members during the chaos of a disaster. Chose a landmark where family members should meet after escaping, such as a tree. It should be far enough away from your burning home to be safe.

4. Perform family fire drills and time your escape. At least twice a year you should hold a fire drill so your family has a chance to practice your emergency escape plan. Fires can escalate very quickly, so everyone should try to get outside in under 2 minutes.

5. Make sure everyone in your family knows fire safety procedures. Practice crawling to avoid smoke inhalation and know how to stop, drop and roll if clothes catch fire.

Having a fire escape plan is a home safety must. Although you may never need to use it, if you’re faced with a catastrophic home fire in Peoria, AZ, knowing exactly what to do and where to go can save lives. For more information, visit