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Is Your Business Prepared for a Fire?

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

Truck from a restoration company SERVPRO is ready for any Emergency Services in our community at any time. Our teams are trained to assist in any fire damages. Call us!

Is Your Business Fire-Resistant?

There are many ways to protect your Grand Manor, AZ, company, from investing in security to safeguarding your customers' private information, but how well prepared are you for a business fire? Even small fires can spread quickly if safety equipment does not function as it should, but there are a few ways you can prepare your property and employees if a blaze does break out.

Fire Preparation is for Everyone

While choosing a safety officer for each department can help you to better organize a safety plan, every employee can benefit by practicing fire safety and awareness concerning the building's fire equipment and exits. You can keep them updated about new or changing fire safety rules in several ways, including:

  • Monthly safety meetings
  • Digital safety newsletters
  • Encouraging questions and suggestions regarding safety

When your employees are involved in fire safety, it becomes everyone's priority to reduce the risk of a business fire.

Map Fire Safety Equipment

Many business fires spread quickly and cause a significant amount of damage because employees were not trained how to respond or where to find the nearest fire extinguisher. Mapping your building's equipment, such as fire sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers, can reduce the chance of widespread fire damage.

Create Department Checklists

Safety checks for each department may run simpler when you create and use checklists. Employees can review fire extinguisher check dates, report if an exit sign is missing over a doorway and which new employees require fire safety training. You can also invite a fire restoration and mitigation company representative to speak to your employees about how to reduce the risk of fires and spot possible situations that may lead to a fire.

Preventing a business fire can help you protect your Grand Manor, AZ, commercial property and your employees as well. The more informed and prepared you and your workers are, the greater your peace of mind as a business owner is likely to be.

3 Reasons You Need Business Interruption Insurance

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

Financial concept meaning Business Interruption Insurance with sign on the piece of paper. In the event of a fire, you'd still have to pay the lease or mortgage on your retail space while a commercial fire restoration company does repairs.

Three Reasons Why You Should Get Business Interruption Insurance

When you start a business in Luke Air Force Base, AZ, you have a lot to do before opening your doors. There are a lot of permits to get, materials to purchase, and staff to hire. It's also important to think about what you'll do if you experience an interruption to your business. By creating a contingency plan for emergencies, you prepare your business to succeed long-term. Here are three reasons you need business interruption insurance.

1. Pay Your Lease During Suspension

Most interruption insurance policies cover you if you have to suspend your business activities due to events like fire or theft. In the event of a fire, you would still have to pay the lease or mortgage on your retail space while a commercial fire restoration company does repairs. Business interruption insurance covers your lease while you can't earn money to pay it.

2. Pay Your Employees After an Emergency

After an emergency such as a business fire, you still need to pay your employees while repairs are done. Your employees count on you for their income, so it's crucial to be able to pay them to keep them around so you can get back to business as soon as possible. Interruption insurance helps you cover payroll.

3. Pay To Relocate Because of Fire Cleaning

In instances of severe damage, you might need to temporarily relocate while your permanent space undergoes a deep fire cleaning process. Interruption insurance can cover the costs of relocating to a temporary location. As you shop for interruption insurance, talk with a representative about what costs could be covered and coverage limits. It's important to consider how far you would have to move, how much there would be to move, and if you would need additional storage.

When you plan ahead for a business interruption by purchasing insurance, you are planning for the future success of your business.

During Which Stage of Flood Cleanup Can Employees Reenter the Building?

5/1/2022 (Permalink)

Inside of flooded dirty abandoned ruined industrial building with water reflection of interior. The final phase of flood cleanup requires teams to rebuild structural integrity. Call SERVPRO for further information.

Employees Can Reenter The Building During Which Stage Of Flood Cleanup?

Water Category 3 or Contaminated water houses excessively high levels of pathogens. The premises may have become impacted with feces, urine, mold and organisms, all of which may seep into the structure. Because of the exposure, it's not appropriate for staff to immediately reenter the impacted spaces unless they are part of the cleanup crew. A water restoration company in Peoria, AZ, understands how to protect themselves and others as well as minimize the spread of the contamination.

1. Phase 1: Tear Out

The first stage of flood cleanup focuses on mitigating trouble. The experts enter to premises and remove structural materials contaminated with moisture. The impacted zones demand prompt and meticulous examination to avoid further spread and harm. Should staff walk in and out, they could be exposed to the pathogens and carry them to other establishment areas.

The crew should section off this area, creating physical barriers. They also use negative air chambers to reduce air exposure. Porous materials such as drywall and carpet harbor the organisms as the water penetrates deep within the pieces. Not even a good bleaching would guarantee thorough cleaning.

2. Phase 2: Sanitization

Contaminated water still lingers on nonporous objects, so content cleaning and sanitizing must occur. The interior is scrubbed thoroughly with water and soap. Also, technicians apply an antimicrobial spray, killing off surface microbes.

The team uses high-tech procedures to salvage electronics, documents and photos.

3. Phase 3: Restoration

The final phase of flood cleanup requires teams to rebuild the structural integrity. At this time, air filtration devices continue to run, but the room is clear of germs. Employees may return. They should be cognizant of the workers' efforts to put everything back in place.

Contaminated water isn't something to work around. Because of its high level of sewage and bacteria, it's best to keep employees out. This decision assists in preventing further issues.

What To Do When You Suspect a Broken Pipe

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

Overflowing broken toilet If you see raw sewage coming out in places such as your basement or faucets, it's best to contact your local sewage and water damage experts.

What To Do If You Think You Have A Broken Pipe

If you suspect a broken pipe, the first step is to locate the break. This can be easy to determine based on where you first noticed the signs. However, it could be located somewhere that you are not privy to as a residential home owner.

Read on to find out what to look for and how to mitigate as much damage as possible.

Signs of a Pipe Break

There are telltale signs of a broken pipe. Some include:

  • Noises from walls
  • Water leaks or flooding
  • Musty smells
  • Stains
  • Water discoloration
  • Lower water pressure or no water
  • Increased water bill

Once you suspect that a pipe is indeed burst, you need to locate the break. It will either be in your home's plumbing system or in the public sewer system.

Breaks in the Sewer System

If the pipe break is in the sewer system rather than your residence, it can still affect you at home. Called a sanitary sewer overflow, this can contaminate:

  • Water in home
  • Lawns
  • Consumable fish
  • Air
  • Documents
  • Property

It can also cause flooding in the area. This likely isn't fixable directly by a home owner, but it is something to watch out for inside of your home. If you see raw sewage coming out in places such as your basement or faucets, it's best to contact your local sewage and water damage experts in Glendale, AZ.

Breaks in Residential Pipes

The pipe break can alternatively be in your home's plumbing system, and this requires a bit more vigilance on your part. As a home owner, you are responsible for paying for any damages incurred on your property. If you don't locate the source of the break quickly and get it resolved, you could run into major issues. Some causes of residential pipe breaks include narrowed pipes, freezing temperatures, or appliances overworking.

The good news is that you can watch out for the signs of a pipe break listed above. Then, professionals can identify the source of the issue before any lasting damage occurs. It's crucial to fix a broken pipe before it causes you to, quite literally, flush money down the drain.

The Top 3 Gas Range Cleaners

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

Bottles with detergent and cleaning tools on blue background Diluted acetic acid can loosen food stuck onto the surface of a gas range, dissolve cooking grease and banish smoke smell

The Best Cleaners For Gas Ranges

When you cook at home, food debris and grease accumulate on a stovetop. Glass-top electric ranges call for specialized cleaning solutions, but several standard household cleaners can be effective for a gas range. Here are the top three gas stove cleaning solutions.

1. Vinegar

Distilled white vinegar is a common household cleaner. Diluted acetic acid can loosen food stuck onto the surface of a gas range, dissolve cooking grease and banish smoke smell. For more scrubbing power, sprinkle the stove surface with baking soda.
Most cleaning experts recommend making a one-to-one mixture of 5% distilled vinegar or 6% cleaning vinegar and water to clean a stovetop. Remove the grates before spraying the surface and allow vinegar to sit for a minute before wiping.

2. Dish Soap

Dish soap contains degreasing agents. If you do not have vinegar on hand or prefer to use soap, you can use this mixture to clean the entire stove or focus on areas with built up grease.

If you plan to clean the entire range with dish soap, you may want to spray on a diluted mixture. You can also use full-strength soap on grease buildup by applying this cleaner directly to a scrub brush.

3. Degreaser

If it has been a while since your last range cleaning, you may get the best results from degreaser. These powerful cleaning formulas are formulated to dissolve heavy buildup.

Follow the instructions for any brand of degreaser you buy. These treatments should generally be sprayed on and given several minutes to penetrate before being wiped off.

It is important to regularly wipe down the gas range at a residence in Weedville, AZ. A dirty stove and combustibles that are kept too close to cooking areas can cause or intensify a kitchen fire. Regular cleaning and good fire safety practices can greatly reduce the risk of a house fire.

Prevent Mold Inside Your Business With These Tips

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

Mold growing on a wall If you suspect you might have discovered a mold infestation, give our SERVPRO of Peoria/West Glendale team a call!

With These Tips, You Can Prevent Mold From Growing Inside Your Business

Hiring a team of mold removal specialists to handle any infestation ensures your business's longevity. However, preventing mold growth in the first place can save you plenty of time, money and other valuable resources. Take a proactive approach and follow these tips to stop mold in your Weedville, AZ, location before it starts.

1. Clean the Facility Consistently

A commercial mold cleanup will end up being more expensive and time-consuming than a regular one. Mold spores are attracted to organic matter such wood, leaves and dust since they feed on it. If you neglect cleaning the facility, you will have these nutrients inside, thus attracting mold. Additionally, people and animals entering your building can bring both fungus spores and materials inside the area. Have your crew clean every corner of the location to discourage mold development.

2. Repair Plumbing and Structural Damage

Plenty of mold removal cases occur near leaking pipes, faucets or other components of the building's plumbing system. Mold depends on high humidity to survive and plumbing issues can raise it enough to create problems. Structural flaws such as cracks and holes on the wall and floor can also signal faulty pipes or allow mold to hide and grow. Run building inspections and fix any present and potential issues to decrease the chances of an infestation.

3. Reduce the Building's Humidity

Humidity control goes a long way in mold remediation and prevention. Besides fixing plumbing issues and existing water damage, you should also reduce moisture throughout the building. The geographic location of your business can influence the level of humidity and your efforts to decrease it. Make sure the ventilation system works properly and schedule necessary maintenance. Install dehumidifiers at the basement and attic to prevent damp air inside the establishment.

Even though mold removal services can eliminate fungus development and restore affected areas, you can also stop these situations from taking place. Constant cleanliness, maintenance and moisture reduction are effective in halting the emergence of mold.

How To Protect Your Roof After Fire Damage

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

Workers installing concrete tiles on the roof while roofing house in construction site One of the first things that the professional restoration services do when you call them for fire, is to secure the roof to avoid further damages.

How To Restore Your Roof After A Fire

When a fire breaks out in your building in Glendale, AZ, one of your first calls will likely be to professional restoration services for fire cleanup. One of the first things they will do is secure the roof so that no further damage happens to your building. Having a tarp professionally installed on the roof can prevent excessive water damage from rain as well as keep extra dirt and debris from fall through to the attic.

Applying the Tarp

The benefit of having a tarp placed on your damaged roof by professionals is that you know it will protect your building while it's being repaired. Professional tarp services include the following steps:

  • Anchoring a board to the roof
  • Placing the tarp over the anchor board
  • Applying a second board on top of the tarp to hold it in place
  • Ensuring the tarp extends over the roof's edge
  • Securing the boards and the tarp so they don't become detached

A tarp that is properly secured protects your building throughout the fire cleanup process by covering any holes created by the flames or resulting from the repair process itself. Technicians should replace the tarp whenever they are not actively working on the roof.

Preventing Damage

When your building needs roof repair, it becomes vulnerable to many outside elements. A rainstorm could cause significant leaking, which, if not remedied in a timely manner, can turn into a mold infestation. Debris can blow into the building from the holes in your roof. An unsecured roof can also be tempting to animals such as birds and squirrels that are looking for a place to nest. By covering the roof any time they're not working on repairs, your technicians help you avoid these problems.

Protecting your building from secondary damage is essential during fire cleanup. From assessing the problem to completing the restoration, experts are here to help.

Why SERVPRO's Quick Response Time Can Help Your Clients

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

Car from a restoration company SERVPRO is ready for any Emergency Services in our community at any time. Our teams are trained to assist in any damages such as Fire, Water, or Mold.

Why SERVPRO's Fast Response Time Can Benefit Your Customers

After a water or fire emergency, a fast response is crucial. Water from a leaking pipe or a firefighter hose can start causing damage in a matter of minutes. Even a short delay can thus make the restoration process more costly for you and your clients.

Of course, not every water loss occurs during normal business hours. Sometimes a disaster occurs on a weekend or holiday. Your clients should not have to wait until the next business day to start the drying process. They need a 24 hour commercial cleanup company.

That is why SERVPRO is a preferred vendor for most insurance providers. A representative from the company will respond to your clients' calls right away. In fact, each client should receive:

  • A call within one hour
  • A visit within four hours
  • A verbal brief within eight hours

The Consequences of a Delayed Cleanup

Paper items such as books and photos may start to swell within a few minutes of a water damage. Furniture can bleed and stain carpets, as well. Over the next day, wet metals may begin to tarnish, and musty odors may start to spread. Water could also cause the Grand Manor, AZ, building's drywall to break down. A 24 hour cleaning company can start the restoration right away and prevent many of these issues.

The Company That Responds Immediately

While SERVPRO is always open, that is not the only reason it can respond to emergencies right away. The company also has more than 1,700 franchises in Canada and America. At least one of these franchises is likely close to each of your clients' buildings, making it easier for SERVPRO to survey any damage in a timely matter.

SERVPRO understands that a fast response to water damage is so important. That is why its employees reply to all calls immediately, no matter the time or day. Choosing a company such as SERVPRO that provides 24 hour response can help minimize the damage your clients sustain following a water loss.

Can My Carpet Be Saved After Water Damage?

3/4/2022 (Permalink)

Water damage in a living room When your home requires water damage repair and restoration, our crew is here to help! We're standing by 24/7 to respond to your emergency

Is It Possible To Save My Carpet After It Has Been Flooded?

If your home in Peoria, AZ, has recently gone through water damage that affected your carpets, it doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be replaced. In the case of a pipe break, they could possibly be saved.

Types of Carpet Cleaning Services

When looking for a professional residential restoration company, you should be able to find a list of the types of services they provide. These may include the following treatments:

  • Bonnet cleaning: This method is gentle enough for short-piled carpets.
  • Hot water extraction: All types of carpeting can benefit from this cleaning technique.
  • Dry cleaning: This may be necessary when there are color-fastness issues.
  • Showcase premier cleaning: Known as one of the most thorough cleaning methods, it’s best for highly-soiled flooring.
  • Deluxe precondition and rinse: This will deep-clean and restore your carpets.

A typical carpet cleaning should include extracting the moisture, sanitizing the area and drying it. These procedures should bring most carpets back to life, depending on the condition they're in.

How To Know Whether To Restore or Replace Your Carpets

Carpets are highly absorbent, so when water damage occurs, it’s normal to replace them with new flooring. However, if the cause of damage is from a clean water source such as a pipe break, it’s possible to have it cleaned and restored to its original condition. In some cases, the carpet may be even cleaner than before, which could improve your family’s health.

In the event of gray or black water contamination, your carpets should be replaced since it’s highly likely that the water will contain bacteria that can affect your home and health. The longer that your carpeting is saturated, the more likely it could lead to mold, mildew and unpleasant odors.

If there is a pipe break in your home that has damaged your carpet, you may be able to rescue it through a professional restoration service. Although you may be able to clean some of the affected areas yourself, it’s always a good idea to contact a team of professionals who can ensure that your carpets will be safe from any further damage.

What Homeowners Should Know About Secondary Damage

2/4/2022 (Permalink)

Restoration machines are cleaning water damage in a home. This homeowner called SERVPRO for help and we were able to arrive quickly and begin drying out the area immediately. Call us when you need it.

Secondary Damage: What Every Homeowner Should Know

When water damage occurs in your residence, quick action is critical. Even after the leak or flood that caused the initial destruction has ended, secondary damage, such as black mold, can still occur if the property is not effectively dried and treated. If your home in Weedville, AZ, has sustained water damage, taking the following important steps can help you protect your home.

1. Extract the Water

Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours, so your home should be dried out as quickly as possible. Extract all standing water and make sure all surfaces are free of moisture. If the area is small, then a wet/dry vacuum may do the job, but more extensive water may require the use of professional-grade equipment.

2. Lower Humidity

High humidity can also encourage mold growth, so open the doors and windows, and run fans in each room. Dehumidifiers can be utilized to further decrease moisture and water vapor in the air.

3. Remove Wet Items

Porous materials, including carpets, rugs, insulation, furniture and upholstery, should be removed as quickly as possible to inhibit black mold from growing.

4. Sanitize and Disinfect

All exposed surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with commercial-grade products and disinfectants to remove the dirt and bacteria that provide nutrients for mold.

5. Monitor the Area

After your home has been dried and cleaned, you will need to watch closely for any signs of mold. Obviously, visible mold can be easily identified as a problem, but mold can also grow in areas that can’t be easily seen. You should thoroughly check darker areas that are prone to dampness. Look out for any musty odors that may smell similar to mildew.

If you suspect you may have black mold in your home, or if you’re unsure how to effectively clean after water damage, contact a mold remediation specialist to resolve any problems and help you avoid costly secondary damage to your property.