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Air movers in living room area.

Air Movers Up and Running

Drying Peoria Home After Water Loss

When it comes to water damage cleanup and restoration, you need to call a restoration expert to properly and efficiently take care of your damage. SERVPRO of Peoria/West Glendale is only one call away - (623) 376-9779.

room with flooring removed exposing concrete subfloors and one foot of sheetrock removed exposing home framing

Water will damage your home and needs to be properly mitigated

When pipes break or tubs leak, the cleanup can be a huge undertaking. Our dedicated team of water damage restoration experts will arrive quickly and assess the category of your water damage. They will walk you through the mitigation process and ensure that your Peoria home is properly dried preventing secondary damage.

Wall with sheetrock removed exposing mold growing on the interior

When moisture is in an area that you cannot see

This homeowner was surprised to see what they thought was a small mold formation in a cabinet became a large mold remediation job. Luckily we were prepared for this situation and we began the detailed process of mold remediation.

Wall framing exposed with containment and a vacuum attachment against the wall

Water damage has the potential to cause mold

When water makes its way into your home it causes damage, it is crucial that you call our water damage restoration experts. We will arrive quickly and ensure the affected area is dried properly so we prevent secondary damage like mold.

Cabinets that need drying

A small drip in the vanity pipe turned into a massive spewing of water over night. The Peoria home owner turned the water off and had a plumber in to fix the source. SERVPRO of Peoria/West Glendale arrived to mitigate the wet and damaged materials. We then dried the remaining cabinets with our air blowers.

Flooring Removal And Flood Cuts

A water loss in this home caused serious damage to this kitchen. We had to remove the flooring and perform flood cuts on the walls so that we could remove damaged material from the home.


SERVPRO in action!  This is a picture of our team at Peoria / West Glendale, in action during Hurricane Sandy. Our team worked quickly to get this community back in their homes during this tragic time. 


SERVPRO of Peoria / West Glendale is ready for any Emergency Services in our community at any time. Our teams are trained to assist in any damages such as Fire, Water, or Mold. Residential and Commercial. 

Warehouse Storage

SERVPRO of Peoria / West Glendale  has their warehouse ready for any restoration clean up to be dispatched in any circumstance Residential or Commercial.  Our team works to make disasters look "like they never even happened."

Damage from Mold

This was the aftermath of kitchen after demolition of kitchen finding mold covering kitchen walls and flooring.  SERVPRO worked promptly to complete clean up from mold.  The customer was satisfied with the efficient clean up process. 

Kitchen Demo

SERVPRO of Peoria/West Glendale assisted in the clean up of mold damage on walls of customer home. The mold was spread throughout the kitchen and was treated and cleaned by the team. Quick response is crucial to keep other areas from being effected.