Recent Before & After Photos

Wood Floor Repaired After Storm Damage

The water was driven into this home through the door to the deck. It didn't seem bad at first but the floor was damaged beyond repair and needed to be removed.R... READ MORE

Firefighting Damage in Kitchen

This home in Glendale, AZ was no match for the damage the fire and firefighters created in the kitchen. The fire was in the attic which is why all the insu... READ MORE

Sewer Backup in Peoria, AZ

When rainwater from storms seep into the ground it can raise the water tables in the city causing multiple homes to backup with sewage.Sewer water is highly con... READ MORE

Storm Drains Clogged and Flooding

Storm Drain Backup Floods HomeOutdoor drains can only hold so much water until they are filled. Some are even clogged with debris which causes flooding. An outd... READ MORE

How do I keep mold from spreading?

West Glen Estates, AZ Home DamageThe trick with mold is making sure the spores do not spread into the uncontaminated areas of the home during the cleanup proces... READ MORE

Preparing for Storm Damage

Preparing for storm damage is important, especially if it has had troubles in the past. This home in Glendale, AZ could have had less damage had they follo... READ MORE

Kitchen Cleaning After Water Damage

A broken supply line was the cause of this kitchen to have all of its walls removed. The supply line broke off and the water ran all night into the kitchen.SERV... READ MORE

Peoria, AZ Storm Cleanup

What to expect from storm cleanup process?SERVPRO of Peoria / West Glendale has been through multiple certifications for water and storm cleanup. One of the mor... READ MORE

Roof Damage and Wall Damage

Wall Damaged in StormThe roof was damaged during a storm and the wall started to show sagging. Just a small portion of the roof was damaged but s... READ MORE

Sewer Cleanup for Glendale, AZ

This home had a sewer backup problem and the owners didn’t know exactly what to do. They made the right choice in calling their insurance knowing the... READ MORE