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Timely Intervention: The Key to Mold Prevention

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

Mold around air ducts Cleaning your air ducts and carpets should be part of your normal building maintenance schedule.

Mold Prevention

If your commercial building in Weedville, AZ, is prone to mold problems, it is likely that you need to adjust your prevention measures. Early detection of the problem and remediation by certified specialists is key to taking care of it. If you want to prevent the problem in the first place, however, engaging in regular maintenance such as carpet cleaning, air purifying and HVAC servicing is helpful.

Early Detection

Water leaks can occur anywhere there is a source, even if you think the source is secure. A building may have cracks, allowing water to seep in from outside. Well-sealed buildings can also experience mold growth, though, as poor ventilation can cause condensation to form when moisture in the air cannot escape. There are several other ways water damage that lead to mold issues can occur:

  • Frozen or broken pipes
  • Loose supply lines
  • Ice dams causing roof leaks
  • Poorly planned landscaping or gutter systems
  • Overflowing toilets or sinks

No matter what causes the issue, it must be resolved so that mold doesn't grow. If mold spores find a moisture source, you will likely experience a problem.

Preventative Measures

Regular maintenance of your commercial property can help prevent mold problems Routine carpet cleaning, particularly in high traffic areas where excess moisture may occur, is necessary. Set up a regular schedule for HVAC testing and cleaning to make sure that your air ducts don't have mold growth. Consider using HEPA air purifiers with activated carbon filters that draw mold spores out of the air to destroy them. Finally, something as simple as placing door mats at each entrance so that employees can leave the spores from outside that have hitched a ride indoors on their shoes at the door.

Air duct and carpet cleaning should be a part of your regular building maintenance plan. By keeping on top of your maintenance schedule and taking care of water leaks when they occur, you are more likely to prevent mold issues.

Can Lightning Start a House Fire?

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

A house is struck by lightning. Lightning occurs when regions of excess positive and negative charge develop within the cloud.

What Happens When Lightning Strikes Your House

Lightning is the cause of a number of house fires every year. A lightning fire typically occurs when a hot flash strikes a combustible object or travels through conductive metal objects and then ignites combustibles. It is important to recognize the risks of a direct strike and a phenomenon called side flash in order to safely respond to a strike on or around your home. It is almost always a good idea to call the fire department if your home has been struck.

1. Direct strike: A direct hot strike can cause a fire, particularly if it makes contact with combustible material in or around your home. As soon as your home is struck, check for any signs of fire and contact the fire department from a cellular phone as soon as possible. Avoid using a landline in case current is traveling through the wiring. You can rest easy once you are sure that your residence is not running an elevated risk for lightning fire.

2. Side flash: This phenomenon occurs when a strike travels through conductive metal features such as downspouts, gutters, gas lines, water pipes, window frames, or wiring and then ignites combustible building materials such as insulation. Lightning does not require conductive objects to travel down to the ground, but if a side flash occurs, it may lead to hidden fires within the attic or walls of a house.

Whether a direct hot strike starts a fire or the transmission of current through materials in your home in the event of a side strike ends up igniting combustible materials, only the fire department can ensure that your home is safe. A hidden house fire can put homeowners at risk and cause extensive damage prior to being detected. If your home sustains damage from a lightning fire, contact a company that provides fire restoration services in Glendale, AZ.

Timeline for Water Damage Restoration

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

Pipes, drywall removed due to pipe burst Leaking pipes can cause damage to your home in West Glenn Estates, AZ.

Water Damage Restoration

After bursting pipes flood your home in West Glenn Estates, AZ you respond immediately by calling water restoration experts. Now that you have that step out of the way, how long does the rest of the process take?


It is critical to fix the broken pipe as soon as you notice it, as water damage continues to occur until the source is repaired or replaced. The process of cleaning, drying and restoring then begins:

• Water restoration companies have emergency service hours of operation, typically staffed 24 hours a day. As soon as possible, contact the company to arrange for someone to come out to your home. In addition, check with your insurance company to inquire about coverage.

• Within four hours, the professionals arrive to evaluate the extent of the water damage. They also assess the situation for safety, including whether electricity poses a risk. The type of water is identified, as the procedure for clean versus contaminated water varies in complexity and impacts the treatment and timeline.

• Excess water removal begins quickly to minimize any further damage, using professional grade pumps and vacuums.

The Next Few Days

During the next three to five days, expect the following actions to take place:

• Once the excess water from the bursting pipes is gone, your home is inspected for hidden moisture with specialized equipment. Carpets and drywall may be removed.
• Industrial strength dryers and dehumidifiers thoroughly dry the area.
• Depending on the level of contamination, antibacterial and odor removal steps may be taken to properly sanitize your home.
• In some instances, the process may take a little longer. For example, drying wood floors may take up to ten days. Excessive contamination caused by sewage may take longer for disinfection and safety reasons. The restoration process of returning your home to preloss condition depends of the extent of the damage.

Take immediate action if bursting pipes threaten your home in West Glenn Estates, AZ. With fast and proper action, you can achieve a dry home typically within five days or less with the help of a water restoration specialist.

Top Ways to Mitigate Wind Damage

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

Missing shingles on a roof Missing shingles on a roof.

Protect Your Building After a Storm

Wind damage done to your commercial roof in Glendale, AZ, can lead to other problems, such as a roof leak or structural damage. Because you want to stop the destruction from spreading, you may need to hire a commercial storm restoration specialist to help you start the mitigation process as quickly as possible. Mitigation does not resolve the issue but simply protects the scarred area from further damage. Consider implementing these three techniques to help you protect your building as soon as possible after a storm.

1. Cover up the damage. When you have a damaged roof from a high-wind storm, you need to make sure other weather elements will leave your space untouched. This could mean using a tarp and plywood to cover up any holes created by the bad weather.

2. Remove damaged items. Broken fences, weakened tree limbs and crooked chimneys are liabilities. These damaged items could get flung around your property by small gusts of wind. To make sure the fence doesn't smash into your building, the branch doesn't crash onto your roof and the chimney doesn't plummet to the sidewalk, you need to remove the damage. This can help you avoid a roof leak caused by secondary damage.

3. Have an inspection. While you may be able to spot a lot of the problems on your own, other issues may be hidden to your untrained eye. A couple of missing shingles may go unnoticed because you're too busy worrying about the gaping hole in your roofing system. Hiring a professional to inspect your property after a storm can help you locate and mitigate any damage caused by the high winds.

Mitigation is a key part of a storm cleanup. If you try to jump straight into the restoration, you may end up dealing with a roof leak because the destroyed materials were not properly protected from the elements during the repair process.

How To Prepare a Home Fire Escape Plan

7/5/2021 (Permalink)

Flames on building, evacuation sign Having a fire escape plan is a home safety must.

Basic Steps To Prepare Your Plan

You never know when catastrophe might strike in Peoria, AZ. The chances of experiencing a home fire may be fairly low, but if it happens, being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. Making a fire escape plan for your family in case of a home fire ensures that if the worst-case scenario comes true, you’re prepared. Follow these basic steps to prepare your plan.

1. You should know two ways to exit every room in your home. That way, if one exit route is blocked by fire, you have an alternative route. Make sure windows are easy to open and provide enough room for someone to get through them. Everyone in your house, including children, should know how to open windows and be able to do it themselves.

2. Draw an actual map of your escape routes. Map out the floorplan of your house on graph paper and draw in how to escape from each room. The Red Cross offers a handy printout to help you. Hang your fire escape plan somewhere obvious and make sure every member of the family is familiar with it.

3. Choose an outside meeting point. It can be easy to lose track of family members during the chaos of a disaster. Chose a landmark where family members should meet after escaping, such as a tree. It should be far enough away from your burning home to be safe.

4. Perform family fire drills and time your escape. At least twice a year you should hold a fire drill so your family has a chance to practice your emergency escape plan. Fires can escalate very quickly, so everyone should try to get outside in under 2 minutes.

5. Make sure everyone in your family knows fire safety procedures. Practice crawling to avoid smoke inhalation and know how to stop, drop and roll if clothes catch fire.

Having a fire escape plan is a home safety must. Although you may never need to use it, if you’re faced with a catastrophic home fire in Peoria, AZ, knowing exactly what to do and where to go can save lives.

Where To Look for Mold

6/15/2021 (Permalink)

Cracked wall and mold growth found When water damage leads to mold damage

Where To Look for Mold

Getting rid of mold in your home in Grand Manor, AZ is not always as easy as it seems. One of the most difficult things about remediation is that the mold growth you see on the surface is usually only a small part of the overall problem. There are many places additional mold can hide.

Overflowing Toilet
If your toilet leaks or overflows, it can release a lot of water in a very short amount of time. You can mop up the standing water on the floor, but there is probably more water hidden out of sight that you can't reach. Your bathroom may have water damage in other areas:

  • Under floor tiles
  • Behind baseboards
  • Inside the wall
  • In ceiling tiles of lower level

If the water issue is not addressed, saturated materials can lead to moldy drywall and other secondary damage. It's best to call certified remediation specialists before such an extensive problem occurs.

Leaking Pipes
If a pipe breaks, the damage is usually obvious pretty quickly. A slow leak behind a wall or under a sink, however, can trigger mold growth before you ever know it's there. Keep an eye on your water meter so that you can notice unusual spikes in usage. This is often indicative of a water loss somewhere in your home. It may take an hour or two to find it, but then you can get it repaired before mold starts to grow.

High Humidity
Sometimes the instigating incident isn't one isolated problem. It may just be too humid in your home. Excess moisture in the air can cause mold on wood, textiles or other surfaces. Strive to keep a 45-50% humidity level in your house at all times to prevent spores from gathering and growing.
If you see mold growth on a surface in your home, chances are pretty good that there are some problems underneath it as well. Mold damage experts can identify all the affected areas and mitigate the issue thoroughly.

Creating a Fire Escape Plan

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

Photoelectric smoke detector Smoke detectors are the first line of defense in quickly getting out of a home.
If a fire breaks out in your Weedville, AZ, home, time is of the essence. A small fire can quickly spread, making it vital for everyone in the home to know what to do. Every household should have a written fire escape plan that is clearly communicated and practiced.

Making the Plan

When developing an emergency escape plan, ensure that everyone is involved in the process. It is also important to take any special conditions into consideration to ensure young children, immobile family members, and pets can safely get out of the home. Below are a few tips to consider during the planning process.

Tour your home and determine two potential exits for each room. Ensure all potential escape routes are accessible and clear of any obstacles, which includes verifying that windows work.
Include a backup plan in case established escape routes are blocked. Communicate the importance of closing doors and place a towel or other item at the bottom to block the smoke.
Establish a safe meeting spot away from your home, such as a mailbox, stop sign or neighbor’s home. Make sure the location is at the front of the home so you will be visible to emergency responders.
Check that your house number is visible and can easily be found by responders.
If you have overnight guests, share the plan with them.
Conduct a drill at least two times a year to ensure everyone understands the plan and can act accordingly.

Smoke Alarms
A key component of a fire escape plan is being alerted to a fire. Smoke detectors are the first line of defense in quickly getting out of a home. Install alarms on every floor of the home, as well as in each sleeping area. Test the batteries once a month and replace them twice a year.
If a fire breaks out, having a fire escape plan can making facing the scary situation a little easier. Getting everyone out safely should be the only priority. Any property damage or loss can be dealt with afterward by a fire and smoke restoration specialist.

How Winter Storms Can Lead to Frozen Pipes in Your Building

5/14/2021 (Permalink)

worker installing insulation on wall attic Add insulation to cold areas of the building.

Why Do Pipes Freeze In The Winter

Rain storms are not the only type of severe weather that can damage your Peoria, AZ, property. Snow storms, and the cold temperatures that accompany them, can be just as harmful. Specifically, winter storms can cause pipes to freeze and then break. This can lead to a buildup of standing water.
As the temperature drops, water expands and turns into ice. This puts extra pressure on the pipes holding the water. If the condition persists, you could end up with at least one burst pipe. While this problem can occur anywhere, it is most common in:

  • Pipes that run against poorly insulated walls
  • Outdoor pipes such as sprinkler lines
  • Pipes that supply water to unheated areas such as cabinets and basements

Thawing Frozen Pipes
If you notice minimal water trickling out of an open faucet, you likely have a frozen pipe in your building. You need to thaw this pipe immediately before it bursts and necessitates flood cleanup services.
Keep the faucet open as you do this. The flowing water should melt any remaining ice, further reducing your chances of a burst pipe.
First, you have to locate the pipe that has frozen. Check in the coldest areas of the building first. Once you find the pipe, use a space heater, a hot towel, a hair dryer or a heating pad to warm the pipe.

Preventing Frozen Pipes
Ideally, you should stop pipes on your property from freezing at all. The best way to do this is to add insulation to basements and other cold areas of the building. You should also keep any bathroom and kitchen cabinets open so warmer air can circulate near the pipes in those locations.
Floods do not only occur during rain storms. Cold winter storms can cause a burst pipe to spray water all over your building. You thus need to keep your pipes as warm as possible and thaw any frozen ones immediately.

Business Income Coverage and Fire Recovery

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

torn drywall damaged by fire, chair and a black cabinet Fire damage in Weedville, AZ.

A significant fire on your company's premises will likely cause several different types of harm to your business. There is damage caused to your property by flames eating away at the roof and walls. There is harm to the contents of your property, including furnishings, computer systems, paintings and clothes. Finally, there is the likelihood of a shutdown, causing a steep decline in business income. This final impact can be offset with an interruption insurance policy.

The Negative Consequences of a Shutdown

Unfortunately, a business interruption is an all too common occurrence. It can result from such catastrophes as fires, storms, floods, earthquakes and even civil unrest. If your company in Weedville, AZ, can no longer operate, it becomes susceptible to the following:

  • Inability to pay employees
  • Inability to pay bills
  • Inability to produce goods
  • Inability to offer services

Interruption insurance makes up for the gap in your income as a result of a shutdown or slowdown. It provides a lifeline to your company from the moment of a catastrophic fire or other event until repairs are completed and you can resume business as usual. This type of insurance is usually added as a rider to your main company insurance policy.

The Benefits of Professional Fire Restoration
A local fire remediation franchise can also be a lifeline for your company. Trained workers can arrive at your building just hours after the fire has cooled and work quickly to get your business up and running again. No matter how good your insurance is, it is beneficial to have a quick and professional restoration. This will return your building to its original condition in a timely manner. You can also feel confident the work will be done according to industry standards.
Interruption insurance is not mandatory, but it is something every business should consider. It could be an important component of your company's recovery from a disaster.

3 Steps To Take After a Black Water Flood

4/16/2021 (Permalink)

vacuum extractor, drywall has been removed, plastic barrier containment Water cleanup services after severe damage in Glendale, AZ.

Three Steps To Take After A Black Water Flood

Commercial property owners in Glendale, AZ, know the devastating effects of water damage to their buildings. The source of the water that floods a building could leave its natural construction materials irreparable, especially if it is black water or highly contaminated water. Some common causes of floods in buildings include:

  • Toilet overflow
  • Inclement weather
  • Sewage backup

1. Clean the Water
The first step is to get rid of as much water as you can. If the water you are handling is black water, use protective gear, such as gloves and a mask, to prevent infections and illness. Sop up the flood with old rags, towels, and a water vacuum if one is available to you.

2. Dehumidify Your Property
The natural construction material used to build your property, such as wood and drywall, will remain humid after a flood. This causes severe damage if you do not treat it, leaving room for microbial growth and rotting. To dehumidify materials, you can run a dehumidifier in the room until the moisture has left most of the porous items in the room. There are services available to dehumidify property if you would rather leave the job to a professional.

3. Restore Property
To complete the process, restore any materials that have been left irreparable. If the job is too severe for a single person, contact a professional water damage restoration service to aid in restoring your property to normal. Insurance companies often cover damage expenses from plumbing leaks. Check with your insurance provider before attempting to fix damages yourself.
Water damage can be costly and causes property owners a headache. Know these steps to get ahead after experiencing heavy damage to your building. Acting quickly in an emergency plumbing situation can prevent severe damages from leaving the natural construction materials of a property irreparable.