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What’s Causing the Noise in My Pipes?

12/12/2019 (Permalink)

Leakage Of Water From Stainless Steel Pipe On Gray Background More water damages are caused by broken pipes

Reasons for Your Noisy Pipes

Hearing noisy water pipes after you flush your toilet or turn on a faucet can get annoying very quickly. It’ll also make you wonder what’s going on. Is it a serious problem? Is there a risk of a pipe break? It might not be a problem, but it’s an issue that’s definitely worth getting checked out. After all, if you have a pipe burst things can get really bad really fast. A few reasons for your noisy pipes could be:

1. Water Hammer

You might not realize just how fast water moves through the pipes when a faucet is opened. There’s actually a lot of force behind it. When the faucet is turned off the water is forced to stop abruptly, hitting the shut-off valve. This banging sound is called water hammer. Fortunately, there’s an air chamber (an air-filled pipe) located close to the faucet. This chamber absorbs the impact of the water hitting the valve. Over time air chambers can lose their effectiveness, causing the noisy pipe. Water hammer can damage pipe connections and joints.

2. High Water Pressure

Noisy pipes can be caused by excessively high water pressure. This pressure can result in damage to a pipe such as a pipe break. Professionals recommend that your home’s water pressure remains between 40 and 80 psi. Most homes these days have pressure regulators installed, but if your home doesn’t have one, you can have one installed.

3. Rattling Drain Pipes

Due to the amount of fast-moving running through drain pipes, if the pipes are loose they can create a rattling sound. These pipes can be stabilized, but aren’t likely to cause any damage if left as they are.
Noisy pipes in your Weedville, AZ, home can be an annoyance, but they could also signal a future problem. It’s best to be proactive and also to fix a broken pipe immediately should breakage occur. If your home sustains damage from a pipe break, you can count on water damage cleanup experts to help.

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