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Light Fixtures and Leaking Water Do Not Mix

6/22/2018 (Permalink)

Electricity is one of the amazing marvels of modern life and it can allow you to bring entertainment, heat, and light into your home in Peoria, AZ. Most individuals don’t think much about the way electricity works or how it enters his or her home. Instead, they may simply flip on a switch attached to the electrical equipment and continue on their way. When the switch sends active current to dripping water in light fixtures, things could begin to go very wrong.

Potential Shocks

Water contains minerals that can carry the electricity far beyond the limits of the light fixture. By mixing the current and minerals, once the water begins to flow, the electrical current can cause the following problems:

• a shock from the light switch
• a shock injury from pooled water
• electrical shorts in wet wires
• popping breakers
• fires from electrical shorts

Since water acts as a possible conductor of electricity, it is best to stay away from all sources of possible electrical current near the dripping water

Averting Disaster

If water is dripping from the ceiling near a light fixture or fan, the first thing to do is turn the electricity off at the breaker box or service panel. The same can be true if a wet area appears on the ceiling near a light. By turning the active current off, you can alleviate possible fires and electrical shorts.

When water in light fixtures is actively dripping, turn the water off to the area. Removing the water can prevent damage from spreading and the ceiling from collapsing.

Once the electricity and water are off, call a water damage specialty team to clean, restore, and rebuild the area. The crew can locate the source of the water and repair the ceiling damage after evaluating the situation.

Saving Money

By acting quickly at the first sign of dripping water in light fixtures, you can often prevent a little water damage from becoming a flood disaster. By averting a possible calamity, you can also save yourself a great deal of money. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROpeoriawestglendale.com/.

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