Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water damage in a bedroom

Home After Flooding

Residential Water Restoration

When your home experiences flooding or water loss, SERVPRO of Peoria West Glendale is here to help you. 

We have a trained team of restoration specialists who know exactly what steps to take to cleanup and restore your home, just like we did with this home. 

We began the drying and restoration process quickly inside this local home. 

Drying the laundry room

Water Damaged Laundry Room

Cleanup and Restoration

This laundry room had some water damage after a pipe leak. Our team at SERVPRO of Peoria West Glendale was on the job in no time to extract the standing water and dry all the excess moisture. 

Drying with fan in damaged area in bathroom

Pipes Break in Bathroom

We Can Help

This home's bathroom suffered water damage because of some worn down pipes. When your pipes give way and a leak happens, there is only one team to call: SERVPRO of Peoria West Glendale. 

House flooded restoration process

Restoring Local Home

We're Here to Help

SERVPRO of Peoria West Glendale responded quickly after this home suffered water damage. Our team removed the water in a timely manner, took down damaged drywall and began the full restoration process. 

Drying equipment set up in garage.

Storms Causes Water Leak

Remediation Services

A water leak never occurs at a convenient time. This home in Peoria, AZ, suffered from storm damage after severe weather in the area caused a leak through the roof in the garage. Our crew quickly responded and got to work!

Air movers and dehumidifier on floor.

"Like it never even happened."

Our SERVPRO of Peoria/West Glendale team recently finished a job at a home in Glendale, AZ. This home had suffered from moderate damage after a water leak in their home. Our crew removed the affected materials and began the drying process before finally replacing the flooring. All in all, the water damage felt "Like it never even happened."

Drying equipment in kitchen.

Strategically Placed Drying Equipment After Water Leak

Our SERVPRO of Peoria/West Glendale strategically places the drying equipment in place to ensure the most efficient drying process possible. Time is of the essence after a water loss in order to avoid further damage to your home or business in Peoria, AZ.

drying equipment set strategically to dry the water damaged master bathroom

Strategic placement of drying equipment is key

Highly trained water damage restoration technicians arrived to this Peoria home in response to a broken pipe. 

The broken pipe damaged the home tremendously as no one was home to shut off the main water valve. Our team was able to successfully extract the standing water and remove all the unsalvageable materials quickly to prevent secondary damage.

Water damaged home with sheetrock removed and drying equipment placed out

When water finds a way into your home, the damage can be massive

Our team of water cleanup experts are ready to respond to your call immediately! 

We are an essential business and we have the resources to arrive quickly. We will remove the water damaged materials and set out our top of the line drying equipment to get your home dry and clean properly.

Ceiling with a water bubble in it that is dripping

When the roof needs repairs, rain causes big problems

In Glendale, AZ, this homeowner discovered they had roof damage from a previous storm after a rainstorm came through causing major water damage. They had water bubbles like these throughout their home. Our team knew how to handle this water damage and we began our water restoration process quickly.

Living room with sofa moved away from wall and green drying equipment

Dishwashers leak, but we can help clean up the mess!

When the water line that supplies your dishwasher with water has a valve crack, it can be disastrous to your home. In this Glendale home that is exactly what happened. The homeowner called us for help and we were able to arrive quickly and begin drying out the area immediately.

Corner of room where the flooring has been removed accept for tile and sheetrock is removed and internal beams are exposed

When water damages your Grand Manor home

Water is damaging and can leave massive issues if it is not properly mitigated. SERVPRO of Peoria/West Glendale arrived to this home  when the toilet overflowed. We worked to remove the water damaged  materials quickly to minimize the chances of secondary damage. We also were able to properly dry the affected areas with our high powered drying equipment.

water pipes within the framing of a wall are exposed as well as the studs

When pipes leak behind walls it causes major damage

These pipes have been the cause of major water damage that has also caused mold to grow. We were able to successfully mitigate the water damage and remediate the mold issue as well. SERVPRO of Peoria/West Glendale can handle all your restoration needs.

Water damaged flooring in Weedville

A section of flooring needed to be removed due to a leaky pipe that left the flooring damaged. We were able to get the remaining water damaged materials dry with our state of the art drying equipment. 

Ceiling Water Damage

SERVPRO assisted in the cleanup as the ceiling filled with water before flooding the living room of  this customers home.  The water damaged destroyed flooring and furniture in more then one room of the customers home. 

Ceiling Damage

This was a picture of a customers home with ceiling water damage. The entire living room was filled with water including the furniture. The team at SERVPRO of Peoria / West Glendale did an excellent job in clean up process. 

Bathroom damage

SERVPRO arrived at customers home after water damage.  There was water in the entire bathroom.  The aftermath of the water was quickly resolved and clean up began.  The toilet was removed and space dried before reinstallation took place. 

Clean up Start

This is a picture of the process of drywall removal out of customer garage after water damage.  The customer was amazed at the execution of SERVPRO of Peoria / West Glendale in getting out to customers home in a timely manner. 

Garage Water Damage

This was the garage filled with water damage after a severe storm.  SERVPRO assisted in the demolition and drywall removal along with clean out of garage to start the clean up process.   The work was done quickly. 


Our SERVPRO Vehicles

Restoration Transportation

SERVPRO assisted in this water damage restoration project in West Glendale. We are always ready to help when you need us most.  Contact us for your restoration and clean up needs.